We are the ancestors of future generations and we have a responsibility to consider them in our decisions and actions.


invite individuals, foundations and companies to participate in building a philanthropic fund for the development of an ecosystem where ancestral indigenous wisdom and contemporary technology meet.

Alok Institute and the Global Compact

by joining us in redefining the collective imaginary on native peoples and preserving indigenous life and nature.

Ancestor of the Future


The Fund will work along two lines of action

Public Notice for technical and financial support to cultural production projects by indigenous Brazilian creators in the areas of cinema, music, games and web3.


“There is a huge prejudice against us, with indigenous peoples, they say that we are savages. But we want to show our vision, our art, our culture” (MC Owerá).

Public Notice to compete for the financing of actions in Brazilian indigenous communities for the use of technology for the well-being of native peoples and preservation of biodiversity.

TECHNOLOGY AND Forest conservation

“Nature speaks to us through the birds, the beings that live in the forest.” (Mapu Huni Kui).

“What we did with Alok was to record our music to pass it on from generation to generation, as one day this would be necessary to share with men who have no knowledge of what the forest is.” (Rasu Yawanawa).

Alok Institute invested, between 2021 and 2022, R$ 5 millions in cultural, social and environmental projects with indigenous peoples.


Together we can do more!

To talk about how we can walk together, contact us.

“Bringing the ancestral wisdom of the forest to the world is part not only of my artistic goals, but also of my principles as a citizen. Since I had contact with the culture of native peoples, I understood the importance of preserving and disseminating their knowledge and of deconstructing concepts, beliefs and narratives that contaminate the vision that adults and young people in my country, and around the world, have about the indigenous people. The future can be technological and sustainable, but for that we need to listen to the voice of the forest and co-create solutions together with such voices.”



This campaign uses Welight's solutions to raise funds. Together, we go beyond technology to accelerate the transformations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and balance the relationships between people and the planet.


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